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Schlossberg Construction Böblingen

Almost twenty years after we won the competition, the plan for the construction on Böblingen’s Schlossberg is being realized. The intentions of the project in terms of urban planning remain unchanged: the reconstruction of the historic city silhouette and a revival of the Schlossberg. But the future use is new. Before the municipal music and art school with rehearsal and performance spaces, as well as a festival hall and gastronomic offers will revive the new “city crown” for the people of Böblingen, a local school cluster, whose building is in need of renovation, will move temporarily into the new building.

The three buildings trace the outlines of their historic predecessors that were destroyed during an air raid in 1943—not in the sense of a sentimental reconstruction, but in a completely new materiality and appearance. Wooden hybrid constructions with a light, partly translucent photo-voltaic façade are planned. 

Project Information

Barkow Leibinger, Berlin
Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Team Feasibility Study 
Tobias Wenz (Principal), Cynthia Grieshofer



Music and Art School, Events, Gastronomy



Böblingen, Germany



61,890 sq ft


City of Böblingen



Grau Visuals, Berlin