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Competition - Schlossbergbebauung Böblingen

For the new planning for Böblingen’s ’Schlossbergbebauung’ (palace citadel) our intent was to reactivate this important public space and to reinstate the historical silhouette of the city.

Our proposal reconstitutes the volumetric outlines of the three historical buildings that defined the former citadel, and abstracts them in their material and façade resolution. The reconstitution of the silhouette enhances the urban importance of this place. The public space between the buildings provides a main entrance to the complex and reconnects the historical urban promenade.

The largest building accommodates the community center, multipurpose space and café, and adopts the contours of the former palace.

To the north two smaller pavilions are located, one serving as the entrance to the museum with a bookshop and administrative offices, the other as a childcare center and painting school. The exhibition space is placed below the citadel platform, where views open up towards the park on the northern slope.

Project Information

Architects — Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Team Feasibility Study/ Competition 2002 — Josephine von Hasselbach (Project Architect), Ralph J. Habbel, Christian Rudolf, Benjamin Jakob, Martin Schädler, Jonas Wüst



Community Center, Multipurpose Space, Gallery, Café, Children’s Painting School



Böblingen, Germany



5.570 sqm



2002, 1. Prize


City of Böblingen


Structural Engineer

Conzett, Bronzini, Gartmann AG, Chur


Mechanical Engineer

Zibell Willner & Partner, Berlin


Façade Consultant
Arup GmbH, Berlin


Landscape Architect

Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG, Zürich