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Wind-Mill Luminaire

The Wind-Mill Luminaire light-installation was developed in a close collaboration between the tokyo based Kaneka corporation and Berlin based architects Barkow Leibinger. The architects were asked to design a prototype that takes advantage of the new OLED technology. OLED lighting panels are unique to existing technologies in their extreme thinness and thus offer an enormous range of new capabilities. the technical yet beautiful look of the panel inspired the architects to leave the supporting structure to a minimum and work only with the arrangement of the panel itself.

Wind-Mill Luminaire is an adaptable light installation made of 5 wind-mill like components. each component is made of 12 Kaneka OLED panels and can be individually controlled via a touch sensor. the minimal design exploits the thinness (1.1mm) of the panels and displays them like a set of overlapping playing cards. the naked panel and all wiring are fully exposed and come together in a central spindle. the adaptable nature of the Wind-Mill Luminaire allows for various configurations: suspended from the ceiling or integrated into the wall, single or clustered.

The possibility of colored light and clustered arrangements emphasizes the installations ornamental geometry of which the wiring also contributes to.

Project Information


Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Project Architect

Gustav Düsing


Project Coordination

Prof. Kazu Blumfeld Hanada, Werkstatt Blumfeld



Peter Schneyder Design Management



cnc aluminium parts, cnc bended metal rods, 12 OLED Panels, electric platine