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TRUMPF Education Center Ditzingen

TRUMPF’s new manufacturing technology training center is currently being erected next to the company’s staff restaurant Blautopf. Both buildings share a polygonal geometry and their wood hybrid construction; as an ensemble, they will form the social center of TRUMPF headquarters in Ditzingen. The building, with two stories above ground, has a partial basement, linking it to the existing circulation tunnel system of the TRUMPF campus. 

The training center’s ground plan corresponds to a hexagon with six alveolar room modules grouped around a central space that is also hexagonal. With its various façades, the building fits in harmoniously with the existing structures. Towards the north, the entrance is oriented towards a newly designed entrance plaza, the existing parking garage, and the service center. Towards the east, south, and west, the building will feature a “display window” allowing views of the work of the trainees. At the same time, they provide a great deal of daylight in the building’s interior and offer varied views of the outside. To the northwest, the path from the break area leads directly to a terraced garden, which is also to serve as an outside classroom. 

Six alveolar rooms, so-called “buckets,” are arranged in a ring around the central event space. V-shaped wall panels close them on the inside and the outside. Four of the six “buckets” have two stories; the two rooms with a southern orientation are, due to their usage requirements, double height.
The timber roof is constructed of radially organized glue laminated timber beams bears on the wall panels. These beams come together at the center and frame the skylight above the event space. While the floor decks above the ground floor are constructed as timber/concrete hybrid constructions, all load-bearing components of the training center are in timber construction.

Project Information

Architects — Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger

Team — Tobias Wenz (Associate), Robert Tzscheutschler, Frederic Lilja, Annette Wagner


Education, Event


Ditzingen, Germany


3,720 sq m  | 40,041 sq ft


2022 - 2023


TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG, Ditzingen, Germany

Site management & HVAC

Drees & Sommer Baumangement, Stuttgart


Structural Engineer

Schlaich Bergermann Partner sbp GmbH, Berlin 

Civil engineering

Breinlinger Ingenieure, Tuttlingen


Landscape Architect
Capatti Staubach, Berlin, Germany

Fire protection

Peter Stanek, Berlin

Building Physics

Horstmann und Berger, Altensteig

Electrical planning

P&H Hönes, Pforzheim

Light design

Studio Dinnebier, Berlin

Facade planning

Kucharzak Fassaden Engineering, Berlin

Timber construction 

Holzbau Amann, Weilheim-Bannholz

Kate Bilyk