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Remstal Pavilion

Our pavilion for the Remstal Gartenschau considers the temporary nature of the intervention (ten years) and the idea of marking the site. Located at the intersection of several vineyards on the Kappelberg above the village of Fellbach, the site commands a panoramic view over the valley. We mark this site with a small circular pavilion that encloses a small space for events or individual contemplation. A place to rest and enjoy the view, drink wine or fall in love.
The pavilion is a pergola (from the Latin ‘pergula’) marks the top of the hill with a temple-like structure that floats like a cloud. The structure itself is a thatch of steel elements that form a space-frame which rests on columns. This deep filigree structure – designed in cooperation with Werner Sobek – is a hatched roof that consists of a woven geometry of structural elements. It combines an ancient typology (pergola) with contemporary structural performance.
Recalling the earlier work of Konrad Wachsmann ("grapevine structure" from the 1950's) our project revisits this conceptual idea, as an updated idea for a contemporary structure making history new. The (tectonic) joint updates the idea of the universal joint (as a way of connecting individual structural elements) and is an analogy of the intertwining grape vines that surround our structure. In this way the structure is ornamental and also analogy of nature. Vine will climb up the columns and extend themselves over the structure over the years. Erratic blocks are placed under the structure offering places to sit.

Project Information


Barkow Leibinger, Berlin,

Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger



Lukas Weder, Jan Blifernez, Bryce Taylor


Structural Engineering

Werner Sobek Stuttgart

Iwan Baan, Amsterdam
Stefan Müller, Berlin