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Marcus Prize Pavilion, Milwaukee

Barkow Leibinger were selected in 2007 as the winner of the second bi-annual Marcus Prize Corporation Foundation. The prize is one of the most prestigious prizes internationally for “emerging talent in architecture“. 

The winner of the Marcus Prize teaches for one semester at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Together with professor Kyle Talbott Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger conducted a studio, consisting of 16 students, focusing on a community design-build project for Milwaukee. The studio asked the students to explore materiality and digitally driven construction while engaging progressive methods of design, and practice. 

The studio designed and constructed a pavilion for Menomomee Valley Partners, a non-profit organization with an aim to revitalize the Menomomee Valley. The pavilion is located in a brown-field site earmarked as an ecological reclamation project, a public parkway.

The Menomomee Valley Partners met with the students to develop a stewardship pavilion as a place to meet, hold informal classes and to provide storage for gardener’s equipment. The stewardship pavilion, diminutive and light, is situated under the enormous 35th St overpass. It is intended as the first in a series of pavilions to be built on the parkway.

The construction consists of a leaf-shaped roof of plywood “branch/beams“ supported by tapered-self-stabilizing steel columns. The roof is clad in a corrugated transparent plexiglass and the shed is clad in “burned“ recycled timber planking. The stone pavers are also recycled. The form of the pavilion echoes the botanical forms of local flora.

The students constructed the pavilion with the support of the Bold Construction Company.

Project Information

Architects — Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Local professor

Professor Kyle Talbott, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Visiting professor

Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Team Design — Ellen Anderson, John Bach, Aubrey Davidson, Jaqueline Dupre, Sarah Freidel, Erik Hancock, Thomas Joy, Kevin Kinney, Samantha Lager, Erin Beth Lawrence, Andrew Manto, Alex Marshall, Paul Mattek, Bryant Mosconi, Cat Pham, Ian Thomas



Gardeners pavilion with storage, Meeting place



Menomonee Valley, Milwaukee, USA



05|2008 - 10|2008



2007  Marcus Prize for Architecture


Menomonee Valley Partners


Construction Management

Paula Mitchell, Boldt Consulting Services

Jim Kleinfeldt, Boldt Consulting Services



The Marcus Coperation, Steven Marcus, Robert Greenstreet, SARUP