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TRUMPF Logistics Center Ditzingen

A few facts and figures characterize Trumpf's new logistics center in Ditzingen as a replacement-parts warehouse and dispatch-complex of impressive dimensions: floor space that measures 95 x 128 m, ceiling height of up to 16 m, an automated small parts warehouse with 23,000 container spaces to date, and dispatch of approximately 270,000 packages, sent to 12,500 customers in 82 countries using the latest digital warehouse and picking technology.

The hall was constructed alongside the axis formed by production and administration buildings, which, according to a masterplan since the end of the 1990s, extends the company's headquarters along a central column pointing west. The new building is joined underground to the tunnel system, which provides access to the entire site. Entrances and exits are situated towards the northeast and will, in the future, be controlled via a new gate-building.

The main requirement for the support of the processes inside the hall was to have as large a free area as possible in which to arrange the various storage and transport systems in an optimally networked manner. Accordingly, the building rests on a wide axle grid, which meausres 12 x 21 m. The floor space of the hall is divided into two wide bands: the storage area to the south and the processing area and a shipping hall to the north. A skylight strip provides natural light above the processing area where goods are received and shipped. Above the shipping and delivery area is an office area with open-plan offices, conference rooms, sanitary facilities and ancillary rooms. To the west of the hall is an underground mechanical section complete with a ventilation control center, a sprinkler system, a clean room and storage space for hazardous materials.

The logistics center was built from prefabricated concrete parts using a construction method at once particularly fast and economical. The awning over the delivery docks is a light, steel construction; the outer casing is a steel-box facade with corrugated sheet metal cladding made of untreated aluminum.

Project Information


Barkow Leibinger, Berlin

Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger



Tobias Wenz (Associate), Ina Reinecke (Project Architect Design Phase), Alexander Lehmann (Project Architect Construction Phase), Jan Blifernez, Asja Boese, Kim Jun Kim, Andreas Moling (Model), Jasmin Scheckenbach



Ditzingen, Germany



19.800 sq m | 213,000 sq ft



10/2015 – 03/2017



© David Franck, Ostfildern, Germany

© Ina Reinecke | Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Germany


TRUMPF GmbH + Co. KG, Ditzingen, Germany

General Contractor
Matthäus Schmid Bauunternehmung, Mietingen, Germany

Structural Engineer
Breinlinger Ingenieure, Tuttlingen, Germany

Façade Consultant
priedemann fassadenberatung, Großbeeren, Germany

Landscape Architect
Capatti Staubach, Berlin, Germany


Mechanical Engineer

Krebs Ingenieure, Ditzingen, Germany


Electrical Engineering

Müller & Bleher, Filderstadt, Germany