Barkow Leibinger

Barkow Leibinger
Schillerstraße 94, D–10625 Berlin
T +49(0)30 315712 -0 F -29

Light Structure

Is a concept for lighting elements utilizing Barkow Leibinger’s capability for digital fabrication. 50mm Plexiglas tubes are laser-cut forming topographical surfaces that are top-lit by LEDs causing the cut and polished edges to glow. The tubes, bundled into clusters of various sizes, accumulate in a cellular fashion to produce larger and more complex forms. When arranged together in a single space their organic surfaces constitute a Merz-bau-like re-mapping of the ceiling of the gallery. Lit from above the material is de-materialized and creates soft ephemeral forms. „Scripting“ (Visual and parametric software enables the geometry of the cut tubes to remain tangent to one another, as seen from below, appearing as a continuous plane of glowing rings. The digital computations also ensure that each cut produces two fully usable parts avoiding material waste in their production. (zero waste of a recyclable material). 25 cut variations produce 50 tube types that can be configured in multiple arrangements avoiding modular repetition. The tubes are available in clear or in tinted colors enforcing the idea of the piece as a vertical landscape.

Project Information

Galerie Hans-Peter Jochum, Berlin, Germany


June 23rd - July 31st 2009



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