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Barkow Leibinger
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International Creative Union Center

This project is an idea for campus and master plan in Hainang, China.

The landscape situated on the banks of the Qianjiang River is organized into nine blocks ranging in size from 60 meters x 60 meters to 110 meters by 120 meters. The blocks are scaled in size to give a sense of identity and orientation to the functions (living, working, learning) that take place within them. Between the blocks you find generous auto-free park areas - spaces for relaxation, communication and sport.

Consistent with the idea of a built landscape and in proximity to the riverbank, buildings are constructed of earthen materials. We propose buildings of brick, wood, and ceramics for the lower-scaled residential buildings, and steel reinforced concrete frame with brick or ceramic infill for the higher rise office buildings. Roofs are clad in tile.

Regarding sustainability in the context of master planning, the campus begins by using density to create the maximum amount of open space. This open space serves not only to provide a beautiful maritime environment for the inhabitants, but also to control rainwater runoff and water collection in general through small local pools.  The winds running throughout the park areas may cool temperatures considerably, and at the level of the tower may provide wind power.  Additionally, the site is easily accessed by public transportation and provides an extensive network for bicycles.