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House at Lake Obersee, Berlin

The client, a young and important German film-maker, acquired a beautiful empty site sloping down to the small Obersee lake, located adjacent to Mies van der Rohe’s Landhaus Lemke, a canonical courtyard house. Programmatically the house is his primary residence with spaces for living, entertaining and film editing and viewing. Incorporated into the house is an independent apartment for visiting family and friends.

The house is organized as a simple two story flat-roofed volume over a partial basement wine cellar. While the house is significantly closed to the street and side elevations it opens up to the south, views and lake with a two-storey elevation with terraces and balconies. The interiors are defined by a double-height dining/ kitchen area, which spatially connects to a lower fire-place/ sitting niche and above to an open gallery/ library. Upper level sleeping rooms are organized mater-of-factly to the lake or street sides. Entrances are defined by folded steel canopies, as will be a later phased carport. This masonry and timber-roofed volume is clad in a fine round-shaped mosaic of silver-glazed tiles, which causes the house to reflect the sky, trees neighboring buildings and lake. Larch window-boxes and the wood curtain wall at the lakeside punctuate this skin.

The house is equipped with increased insulation and uses less than 60 kWh of energy per area per year. A geothermal heating system supplies the energy for hot water and space heating, a rainwater cistern ensures the watering of the garden plants and on the roof, and a photovoltaic system is provided.

Project Information

Architects — Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Team Design — Michael Bölling, Markus Bonauer, Annette Wagner, Philipp Welter


Team Construction — Philipp Welter (Project Architect), André Paaßen, Verena Schneider 



Detached House with Accessory Apartment



Berlin, Germany



400 sqm



01|2007 - 10|2007




Construction Management 

Barkow Leibinger Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin


Structural Engineer

Hörnicke Hock Thieroff, Berlin


Mechanical Engineer

PHA Planungsbüro für haustechnische Anlagen GmbH, Breuna


Electrical Engineer

SIST-Elektro GmbH, Berlin



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