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Masterplan Trumpf Grüsch

After the completion of the Start-up Building in 2001, the Administration and Research Building was completed in 2004 as a second freestanding pavilion, located in Grüsch in the swiss canton Graubünden. A long-term masterplan envisages further buildings orientated diagonal to one another.

In collaboration with the engineer Jürg Conzett (Chur), both pavilions were built following the construction principle that the supporting structure should not be regarded as separate from the function of the building.

Key to this thinking is the idea of structural depth as programmable space. Like a house of cards, the structure consists solely of plates and planes, no internal columns or lintels.

The concrete wall plates are stacked over each other and connected to the ceiling planes directly above and below. This wall-and-ceiling system works like a self-supporting monocoque, facilitating large spans and flexibility in the division of internal space.

The ground floor building volume bridges over a ramped incline enclosed by two retaining walls. Placed above the ground floor space at a right-angle is a two storey volume which in turn cantilevers at both ends. This system of stacked and rotating volumes produces terraces and covered areas.

While Pavilion I incorporates workshops, offices, conference rooms and a cafeteria into an area of 3.850 sqm, Pavilion II operates like a separate, small factory on a site of similar size, containing rooms for research, development, production and sales.

Project Information

Architects — Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger



Gruesch, Switzerland



2001 - 2013