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A Nomadic Garden - Venice Biennale 2008

Our installation considered vernacular forms of nomadic settlement which operate along lines of formation, dispersion and, then re- formation. On the other hand we looked at software that can visualize a phenomenon like particle dynamics, offering a model (in the former) and a method (in the later) for controlling, predicting or selecting organizational systems based on input. That is, a tool, for colonizing temporarily a site.

We  began to analyze dispersal/ formation structures and particle dynamics to simulate and study organized behaviors of a group of objects in their capabilities to self-assemble under external influences from various forces in a field.

By adding additional “texts”, an interactive visitor, site, materiality, scale, and a capacity to spatialize offered further guidance for the installation. In this sense temporality, the nomadic aspect, and the fact of many possibilities are all acknowledged. The installation was an illustration of the process rather than an ultimatum. 

Project Information

Installation "Formation (Re) Formation: A Nomadic Garden" for La Biennale di Venezia/11th International Architecture Exhibition "Out there: Architecture Beyond Building"

Arsenale, Venice, Italy


September 14th - November 23rd 2008



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