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Barkow Leibinger
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Hager "Unternehmensforum", Obernai, France

The aim of the design was to create a central forum for Hager on the company campus, not only in terms of its specific spatial program, but also through the volumetric gesture of the building itself. The proposed new building embraces a versatile garden with open, welcoming spaces and a diverse array of uses for the interior forum. Connecting the interior and exterior space in this manner creates a hub for the company’s communicative concerns: a central point of contact for customers, partners, and employees, thus fulfilling the client’s desire for a space for education and communication.

The long, stretching pavilion rises higher towards the road, defining a boundary from the sprawling streetscape. At its highest point, the new building extends towards the visitor, and together with the newly designed entryway, grants the company a discreet but identifiable presence on the street. The structure is planned as a concrete ribbon around a light wood frame construction with a façade composed of ceramic fins.

Inside, the forum is designed as an open, inviting and porous space allowing for a wide range of uses. The configuration of the spatial program’s parts enables an efficient generosity of space, creating an easily legible structure that is immediately comprehensible to visitors.

Project Information

Architects — Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Team — Michael Ahlers, Justin Allen, Martina Bauer, Michael Bölling,  Sonia Cohan, Clemens Gerritzen, Elisaveta Mosina, Jens Weßel, Marion Spillmann, Dylan Wood



Obernay, France