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Barkow Leibinger
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Competition HAWE-Werk Kaufbeuren

Following a concept for a “green factory” this new production facility for the hydraulics company HAWE is organized as an informal campus located in the agricultural landscapes of Bavarian located between Munich and the Alps. Production facilities, assembly, offices and shipping are located in a patchwork of pin-wheeling sheds, which allow close proximity and flexibility between program points. This organization enables incremental growth where and as needed in direct relationship to program points.

This strategy breaks down the overall massing of the factory scaling the building down in relationship to the existing rural context avoiding the “big-box” phenomenon of the periphery. Interior single and double height courtyards improve orientation, daylighting and quality for the work place. This layout offers both efficiency and a dynamic and humane well-lit working environment.

The folded facades are united with a north-facing shed system of skylights on the roofs providing both views and even daylighting. This articulation and the overall building massing is intended to integrate the factory with the rolling agricultural landscape. Views to the south and east specifically benefit from their orientation to the Alps. 

Project Information

Architects — Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Team Design — Martina Bauer, Natacha Bauer, Frederik Beaupere, 

Aki Nagasaka, Ruwen Rimpau, Morihide Seki, Jens Weßel


Team Costruction — Lukas Weder (Project Architect), Matthias Anke, Ulrich Fuchs, Michael Johl, Henrike Kortemeyer, Arne Löper, Mathias Oliva, Ruwen Rimpau, Antje Steckhan, Morihide Seki



Production Hall, Office, Cafeteria, Green Space



Kaufbeuren, Germany



45.000 sqm




Structural Engineer

Ingenieurgruppe Bauen, Berlin


Building Physics

Transsolar, Stuttgart


Landscape Architect

Inesterni. Berlin