Barkow Leibinger

Barkow Leibinger
Schillerstraße 94, D–10625 Berlin
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Bending (study)

Fabricating Architectural Futures: Barkow Leibinger's Material Research

“Barkow Leibinger Architects are at the forefront of a generational shift in architectural experimentation based upon sustained forms of material research, digital fabrication and the machinic assembly of buildings. In the early years of the twenty-first century a global proliferation of new networks, tools and other technologies are transforming not only how architects work and think with industrially-manufactured building materials, but also how these otherwise familiar elements can now be subtly transformed into entire systems embodying greater malleability, variation and control than ever before. The work on display here shows not only how architects today are keenly adapting the materials with which they work and think structure and space, but also, along the way, how the idea of an architectural office is itself being transformed; into an experimental form of studio better able to promote new kinds of material discovery, creativity and imagination.”
Brett Steele
Director, AA School of Architecture


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