Barkow Leibinger

Barkow Leibinger
Schillerstraße 94, D–10625 Berlin
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B:HUB Berlin

To give B:HUB its own rhythm and scale the volume is folded, accordian-like, into a series of gently zig-zagging surfaces. Terraces, balconies and loggias are integrated into the building's volume at these folds. On each end of the bar the plan expands toward the city and widens at the Rummelsburger Bay end, a nine-story tower extension accentuates the building.

Typical of our work, facades are developed as spatial layers formed with sculptural depth. The elevations of B:HUB are rhythmically organised by a grid of vertical and horizontal frames infilled with sills of white fluted. Two facade layouts are intended to further differentiate the building. The pilaster strips are dressed in white, fluted terracotta, the horizontal bands are of prefabricated exposed concrete. Large floor depths, high ceilings and exposed utilities characterize the loft-like and flexible nature of the building.

Project Information


Barkow Leibinger, Berlin

Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger



Lukas Weder (Associate), Andreas Hertel (Project Architect), Sebastian Awick (Team Leader Competition), Robert Tzscheutschler (Team Leader Competition), Johannes Beck, Marie Benaboud, Jan Blifernez, Carolin Lehnerer, Aurelia Müggler, Andreas Moling (Modelmaking), Ramona Schwertfeger, Konrad Scholz, Mercedes Quirante Reyes, Gerrit Vetter (Team Leader Facade Planning), Katharina Volgger, Annette Wagner (Team Leader Interior Design)


Offices, Supermarket, Restaurant, Café, Parking

Berlin, Germany

ca. 64.000sqm

July/18 - July/20

SGI - Kynaststraße GmbH


Project Management

SGP Projektmanagement GmbH, Berlin

Construction Management
BAL Bauplanungs und Steuerungs GmbH, Berlin

Structural Engineer
HSP Ingenieure Haars-Schmidt-Proske, Berlin

Rentschler und Riedesser, Berlin

Electrical Engineering
ibb Burrer & Deuring, Berlin

Landscape Architect
TOPOTEK 1, Berlin



Ina Reinecke 



Barkow Leibinger, Berlin

Staub, Berlin (Image 2)