Barkow Leibinger

Barkow Leibinger
Schillerstraße 94, D–10625 Berlin
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Administrative Building, Neukirch

The second new building to be constructed fronting the entrance road was the 2,600 sq. meter central administration building. Bringing together executive offices, R&D, and the marketing department it is adjacent to an existing production hall. A beautiful exposed brick wall separates the two and is exposed in the new stair hall.

The three-story structure serves as the primary entrance to the factory for visitors and customers. Constructed of prefabricated concrete ribbed decks the building is covered with an outer skin of brushed aluminum panels with large format window-openings, slightly offset from each other. 

The plan is organized into three program bands. An open section of ascending stairs is top-lit by a clerestory marking this space between the old brick firewall and the new construction. A second band contains service areas and the third larger band consists of office spaces, lobby and conference rooms. The concrete structural frame is exposed, as are the ribbed decks. An infill of birch plywood articulates enclosing walls. It’s lightly gabled roof responds in form to the adjacent prototype hall.

Project Information

Architects — Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger


Team Design and Construction — Stephanie Kaindl (Project Architect), Karin Ocker, Hermann Plöckl, Daniel Steinberg, Maik Westhaus, Michael Zeichert



Conference Rooms, Offices, Reception



Neukirch, Germany



2.640 sqm



2001 - 2002


TRUMPF Sachsen GmbH & Co


Construction Management

Bauplanung Bautzen GmbH, Bautzen


Structural Engineer

Hörnicke Hock Thieroff, Berlin


Mechanical Engineer

Zibell Willner & Partner, Berlin


Electrical Engineer

ILS Lehner und Sachse, Wilthen


Landscape Architecture

Büro Kiefer, Berlin



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